Fertilizer Information

The Town of Fort Myers Beach has restrictions on fertilizing to protect the beach environment and other natural resources in the Town.

Application of fertilizer is prohibited:

  • When a flood, tropical storm, or hurricane watch or warning is in effect for the Town of Fort Myers Beach
  • When heavy rain is forecast in the area
  • During the rainy season from June 1 to September 30

Fertilizer free zones are:

  • Within 15 feet of any water body and wetland
  • On any impervious surface such as streets, driveways and sidewalks

The content of fertilizer:

  • Must be 65 percent slow release nitrogen
  • Unless testing demonstrates soil is deficient, phosphorus is not permitted

Application of fertilizer requires:

  • Limiting to one pound of nitrogen per 1000 square feet of lawn
  • Use of a spreader deflector to deflect fertilizer away from impervious surfaces, water bodies and wetlands

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