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1. When is a permit required? See the list of projects that require a permit and projects that do not. Watch an educational session about permits that was held during a meeting of Town Council.
2. How long is my permit good for?
3. How does a contractor get registered with the Town of Fort Myers Beach?
4. Do I need a contractor?
5. What happens if I choose not to obtain the required permits?
6. How do I extend my permit that is issued but about to expire?
7. If my permit has "failed" an inspection, is there an extra fee charged?
8. What is the current review period for building permits?
9. What do I need if I live in a condo and want to replace my windows?
10. Do I need a permit to Erect/ Replace a fence?
11. Do I need a permit for a deck?
12. How close can a pool enclosure/pool be to a seawall?
13. How close can you get to a non-seawalled natural body of water (Rip Rap)?
14. What is needed for minor Condo Renovations?
15. Do I need a permit for a Chickee hut?
16. What do I need to know when purchasing a property in Fort Myers Beach?
17. Where can I send my general building permit questions? (i.e. fence, remodel, single family home, etc.)
18. Where can I find the forms to submit a building permit application?
19. Which form do I use?
20. Who can sign the property owner acknowledgment?
21. How can I submit my building permit application paperwork?
22. How do I check the status of an existing building permit?
23. How do I pay for my building permit?
24. What needs to be on site when the work starts and for inspections?
25. How can I schedule building inspections?
26. Is there a cutoff time for inspections?
27. What happens if I fail my building inspection?
28. What do I do if my permit is about to expire, and I have not been able to get any inspections?
29. What happens if my permit expires?
30. Can I submit for recording my Notice of Commencement at Town Hall?
31. How can I respond to a rejection letter that I received from one of the reviewers about my building permit application?
32. How much do permits cost?
33. Where do I find more information on the “50% rule?”
34. I’ve purchased a damaged home since the storm. Do I need to include the previous owners labor and materials on the repair/improvement cost form?
35. How is the 50% rule calculated?
36. Who is responsible for making the 50% calculation?
37. On the repair/improvement cost form, if I am utilizing some “owner and volunteer labor,” how should I value this work?
38. Our home is at an elevation of 6 feet. Provided we can bring structure back to its original condition for less than the 50% rule threshold, will we be permitted to do so WITHOUT raising the base
39. Determining the dollar amount for the 50/50 rule. Is it correct that we arrive at this figure by taking the Building Value as stated on the Lee Co. Property Appraiser's letter, add 20% to that do
40. Should we get this far, what is the anticipated time frame for obtaining a building permit?
41. Are you currently issuing permits for repair of hurricane damaged homes, or will there be a delay before you begin to issue permits?
42. Glass windows and doors--what is the requirement for replacement of windows and doors? Is there a requirement for a certain level of "hurricane" glass?
43. Are improvements or repairs that “harden” or improve the buildings resistance against future wind damages, such as impact windows/doors/shutters, excluded from the 50% rule calculation?
44. Will an AVM "appraisal" be an accepted alternative appraisal method?
45. Are accessory structures to be included on the repair/improvement cost form?
46. Only drywall, baseboards, cabinets and finished flooring was damaged in our home. Do I need a building permit and repair/improvement cost form to repair these damages?
47. The bottom level of our mid-rise condominium building was severely damaged by the hurricane. Can ground level common areas (offices and community rooms) be rebuilt on the ground level?
48. As a homeowner can I replace drywall, electrical receptacles, and reinstall salvaged countertops sinks and faucets in my own home? Is my labor factored into the 50% rule somehow?
49. I’ve decided to demolish my building as it was substantially damaged. Will the city be removing my home?
50. I’ve decided to demolish my home. What is my next step?
51. Our home has been completely destroyed. My insurance provider says I need a substantial damage determination letter from the Town to qualify for Increased Cost of Compliance coverage. How do I o
52. What is the step-by-step process for rebuilding?
53. Do I need a mold and moisture certification?
54. How do I submit my paperwork for a rebuild and attain permitting?
55. Does the town have a list of registered contractors?
56. Can you recommend an engineer/architect/contractor?
57. What are the requirements for lighting plans and subsequent inspections for Town of Fort Myers Beach building permits?
58. Can I add an apartment, raised up off the ground and attached to my house as opposed to underneath?
59. What are the code requirements for construction in Fort Myers Beach?