Starting April 2nd 8:30am the Town Fort Myers Beach will open its' in house Planning / Zoning / Building Services Department and NEW permits will no longer be reviewed and inspected by Lee County. Last day for Lee County to review permits will be March 30th 4:30pm. 

The Town is transitioning to a new software system called IworQ systems, a web based program where permits can be electronically submitted online. System requirements include, internet connection and your choice of device including desktops, laptops, smartphones (iPhone, Android) and tablet devices (iPad, Galaxy, etc.) Users will be required to create a login account, once obtained the applicant may apply for the type of permit needed. This program will allow contractors to submit completed applications online, download plans, check the status of permits, pay fees and schedule inspections all on one program through the Building Department software. Upon review of the application, the applicant will be notified via directly from the plan reviewer of the determination of the permit.

Contractors previously registered for ePlan, any open applications submitted through ePlan will be reviewed until the permits have been finaled.

Steps for IworQ registration:

  1. Contractors must first register with the Town of Fort Myers Beach by completing a Contractors Registration form; all engineered drawings being submitted electronically will be required to have a third party certification to verify the signed and sealed plans. This form will need to be submitted to the Town of Fort Myers Beach by emailing to
  2. By clicking on Citizen engagement you will be able to create a login account, then a verification email will be sent to you with a temporary password. Login as directed and open the application, follow the instructions to reset your password.
  3. To apply for a permit you will login to your Contractor Account / Owner Builder Account, fill out the appropriate permit form, i.e. Commercial, Residential, Mechanical, Electrical, Remodel, Site, Dock etc. and upload your building permit application form with any documents, NOA’s, sealed drawings, plans, INCLUDING a COMPLETE SCOPE OF WORK, and any other required information.

Once you have uploaded the application then you will be able to login online to check the progress of the application. When the application is determined as COMPLETE, meaning all required documents are submitted it will then be assigned a permit number. If additional information needed the review letters will be emailed to the contractor requesting the information.


The Town of Fort Myers Beach welcomes our residents and general public to track permit applications and code enforcement cases online.
On the following eTRAKiT website you may search records by permit number, case number, or address. 

If you wish to download documents which are attached to the record and or make a payment you will need to first register HERE. Please register under a “Public” user.

If you wish to schedule an inspection you will also need register as a “Public” user and attach yourself to each record. Please note if you wish to speak with the inspection office you may contact them directly at 239-533-5801 between 7:30 a.m. - 8:00 a.m. to discuss your inspection.

If you have any questions pertaining to this website please email 
Access eTRAKiT by clicking HERE.


ePlan is a web-based application which allows users to electronically submit permits online and download approved plans. ePlan works best with a Windows Operating System but it can be used with a Mac or other non-windows operating system although some features may not be available. Click here for ePlan installation instructions. The ePlan Users Guide can be found by clicking here. 

Contractors must first register with the Town of Fort Myers Beach by completing a Contractors Registration Form and Town of Fort Myers Beach ePlan Agreement Form for Non-Licensed Contractors. 

If the plans submitted through ePlan require to be signed and sealed and the design professional has not yet been registered, a Design Professionals Agreement is required by Lee County or you may email it to Please click here to access the Design Professionals Agreement on Lee County's website.

Plan submission:

  • Once you are ready to submit for a permit, email your application to
  • You will receive an email invitation to upload the documents and drawing into the case/ permit.
  • You must complete a full submittal before the Town assigns the reviews to the correct Department


After all outstanding fees are paid, and any additional documents have been uploaded, you will be notified via email that your permit is ready to print.

All approved drawings will be moved to the “print permit and drawings here” folder