Cultural Resources

Mission Statement

The mission of the Cultural Resources Department is to enrich the quality of life of residents and visitors to Fort Myers Beach through preservation of environmental and historical resources that ensure a sense of place for present and future generations of islanders. We strive to increase public awareness of Florida's heritage by offering unique opportunities for individuals to engage in active research, high quality educational programs, and recreation.

Mound House is an archaeological and historical site with a view to Estero Bay Aquatic Preserve. The facility offers almost 3 acres of beautifully restored grounds and an underground exhibit within the 2,000 year old shell mound. A small museum within the historic William H. Case house will be opening in 2013 once the renovations on the home are complete. Newton Park is the former estate of Jim Newton who gained notoriety through the publication of his book, “Uncommon Friends” where he details personal relationships with key figures of the twentieth century including Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, Charles Lindbergh, and Dr. Alex Carrel. Jim and Ellie Newton’s home Seven Seas is currently available for rental as a community meeting place within a park setting on the beachfront.